Can gerd be cured

Can GERD be cured? This question bothers many sufferers, and if you belong to those, who haven’t yet found the cure, we will help you to find out more about the treatment options. Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) is a very unpleasant burning sensation that is felt in the back of the throat and esophagus right after eating a meal. In rare cases the condition occurs even after drinking some water.

Perhaps, the commonest symptoms of this kind of disorder are chronic coughing, difficulty swallowing and pain when swallowing, frequent clearing of throat and hoarse voice, back or chest pain, nausea and excessive salivation, erosion of tooth enamel and asthma, sinusitis and sensitive teeth.

How to know whether you have GERD or not? If you do, then you are probably suffering from:

  1. frequent complaints of gas
  2. frequent gagging and choking
  3. bloating
  4. bad breath
  5. belching
  6. abdominal pain
  7. diarrhea
  8. constipation

The symptoms may be various, as you see, but specialists define four main ones:

  • chest pain
  • painful swallowing
  • heartburn
  • regurgitation of gastric acid

Heartburn occurs in 97% of all cases. In many patients it is even accompanied by more than five other symptoms that are hard to escape.

Medical Treatment

Can GERD be cured? Of course, if you take the right medication. Today there are several types of drugs for GERD. Each type has its own task:

  • some relieve heartburn symptoms, help to keep heartburn, as well as a vast number of other symptoms from happening;
  • medicines bought without prescription usually provide temporary relief, this is why you cannot count on them all the time;
  • some drugs are not taken regularly, but only when needed (every day for a few months). Some are taken for years.

These three main types are PPIs (proton pump inhibitors), antacids and H2RAs (histamine type 2 receptor antagonists).

Surgical Intervention

There are rare cases, when in order to escape the condition, as well as possible complications, you should better consider a surgery.

For many people surgery is important to strengthen a weak barrier between esophagus and the stomach. This type of asurgical intervention is now referred to as fundoplication.

Only a specialist is able to define, whether the condition can be cured in a surgical way or by means of other options with a more alternative character.

Natural Treatment

If you are looking for an alternative way to go, seek natural ways out. To begin with, you should not lie down three hours after having meals. Being vertical can help the content of the stomach remain where it belongs. Lying down encourages the content of the stomach to reflux.

Secondly, you should try to avoid products that contribute to GERD occurrence, namely chocolate and peppermint,  cigarettes and soda, coffee and alcohol, tea (if it is not herbal) and bad fats (usually, fried foods).

Thirdly, give preference to rebuilding the esophagus lining with herbs.

Fourthly, eat more organic yogurt that has 60% more omega-3 fatty acids, does not contain hormones or pesticides and has more vitamin A. Some other foods that have the same healthy bacteria include Miso, kim chee, kombucha tea and sauerkraut.

Fifthly, refuse from carbohydrates and refined sugars. Lack of fiber and excess sugar disturbs the balance. The worst representatives are corn syrup, white sugar and white flour.

Can GERD be cured? Definitely! The only recommendation is to keep to these simple rules and look for professional help as soon as the first symptoms occur. Eliminating them in a professional way is easier than you think. Be healthy!

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