Millions of people know too well the painful symptoms of heartburn. This digestive disorder is marked by a burning feeling that rises up from your stomach to the throat. Keeping to a heartburn diet can bring you effective relief from this health problem. Heartburn Diet: Foods and Beverages to Avoid There is lots of stuff […]

Anti reflux diet

Have you ever suffered from heartburn, dyspepsia and what is even worse – reflux? Those, who have, know that these are some of the most annoying and irritating feelings. But anyway, never despair, because there is always a way out! Anti reflux diet is your solution to this problem. Helpless food & beverages The main […]


Can acid reflux be cured? Yes, it can. In fact, the treatment approaches are quite different and we’ll tell you about the most popular ones. The treatment process aims at curing miserable heartburn symptoms, healing the scratched esophagus as well as damaged lower esophageal sphincter. This all can be done without drugs. But how? Lifestyle […]

Cough after eating

Coughing after eating can be caused by different factors. It is usually associated with an irritation in the air passageway or as a reflex action for any gastric or nervous disorder. A normal cough can be an attempt to produce phlegm. People can also suffer from this unpleasant condition because of eating cold food or […]

Home remedies

At least once a month circa 60 million people experience heartburn. This is a burning and quite painful sensation in the chest region and stomach. It feels like a small bonfire was lit there and you are slowly turning into a mythical firedrake. Of course, medications can be a good option but we all know […]

Acid reflux

What do you know about acid reflux? This is a pretty familiar burning sensation that is felt in the chest area and caused by the stomach acid that flows back into esophagus. This condition is frequently referred to as heartbeat. As the sensation is rather unpleasant, there is no wonder that we keep looking for […]

Heartburn remedies

  Heartburn, also known as acid indigestion, pyrosis, or cardialgia, is a common burning sensation in your chest (behind the breastbone), or in your epigastrium (upper central abdomen). If it’s an occasional heartburn, which is rather common for many people, there’s no need to panic, as most people are able to manage the heartburn discomfort […]

Natural remedies

Heartburn is just extremely unpleasant, and, unfortunately, it is extremely common as well. Some people suffer it occasionally (once a month), the others have this unpleasant feeling chronically (two or three times a week). But literally we may say that there are no people who never feel this symptom. The good news is that instead […]


It is very unlikely that there are people who had never felt a burning sensation in the stomach that is known as Heartburn. Nowadays, 40% of adults are periodically experiencing its symptoms (although the disease gets younger by the year) and it is almost impossible to foresee their appearance: one can be suddenly struck by […]


Heartburn is a burning sensation in the stomach or throat. People, who had experienced these unpleasant sensations would like to get rid of them, but unfortunately it is easier said than done. The reason, why people fail to treat heartburn effectively is because they cannot identify its origin. So, what causes heartburn? First of all, […]