Anti reflux diet

Have you ever suffered from heartburn, dyspepsia and what is even worse – reflux? Those, who have, know that these are some of the most annoying and irritating feelings. But anyway, never despair, because there is always a way out! Anti reflux diet is your solution to this problem.

Helpless food & beverages

The main cause of reflux is the excess of acid in your stomach. That’s why your main goal to achieve is to cut down the consumption of products, which contain it. Some wonder, that the more harmful your food is, the bigger the risk of heartburn. All the diets make us eat nutrient food and anti reflux diet is not the exception.

First of all, you should give up junk food. Just forget about all these fast-food restaurants: McDonald’s, Fish & Chips, etc. Moreover, if you manage to do that, you’ll be healthier in all aspects, not only as for reflux.   

Abstain from foods that burn or increase gastric acid secretion. Any fried or spicy dishes should be excluded from the ration. The same stands for fatty products. These are whole milk, cream cheese, ice cream, full fat cottage cheese, chocolate desserts, grease meat, especially pork.

Finally, try not to drink carbonated beverages, tea or coffee, alcohol. In case if you can’t wake up without a cup of coffee in the morning, at least drink it decaffeinated (but be careful as some people are sensitive to decaffeinated drinks!).

Helpful food & beverages

Drink as much water as possible. Try to replace your favourite fizzy drinks with non-carbonated water. You can also drink juices except citrus ones.

Try to eat healthy food, which is low fat and not very spicy. You should eat more fruit and vegetables (except onions and tomatoes), but do not fry them. Raw, boiled or steamed fruit and vegetables are much more useful, as they retain their nutrients.

Do not think that this diet will forbid you to eat some sweeties, if you like them. You can afford some low fat baked desserts, for instance, fat free puddings and so on.

Meat and poultry are also available. But do not forget that they should be steamed or boiled. You can eat whatever you like including beef, pork, fish, chicken, etc. Just remember that they must be low fat.

Bread and cereals are also not forbidden. Haven’t you forgotten our main principle? As all the other foods, they should be low fat! This word combination should become the motto of your ration. You can afford plain rice and plain pasta as well. 

You should understand that it’s not difficult to keep to the anti reflux diet. There are lots of recipes which will help you to keep to it easily. Try to make your diet tasty!

Some other helpful tips

Eat more! Some of you will be surprised by such strange advice, but it really helps! You should cut your daily ration into six or even seven small portions and eat them at least several times a day. If you are hungry, try to eat a small piece of anything and distract yourself. Then you can eat often and, finally, you will not starve!

Do not eat quickly! Avoid snacks! On the contrary, try to make some kind of ceremony of your eating. Turn on soothing music, make yourself comfortable, sit back and eat with pleasure!

Do not work or do any physical exercises immediately after your meal. But at the same time, do not lie down. Try to remain upright. Do not also go to bed soon after your meal.

Give up all your pernicious habits. Stop smoking; reduce the consumption of alcoholic drinks. Run, do aerobics, go for a walk! Begin your healthy lifestyle! And be sure that anti reflux diet will make you feel much better!

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