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Heartburn is just extremely unpleasant, and, unfortunately, it is extremely common as well. Some people suffer it occasionally (once a month), the others have this unpleasant feeling chronically (two or three times a week). But literally we may say that there are no people who never feel this symptom. The good news is that instead of taking lots of chemical medicines, you may use some natural (and tasty!) treatments to relieve it.

Quick and Easy

Here are some recipes of natural remedies for heartburn, which are both effective and easy to make.

Aloe vera is widely used to sooth burns and irritations. Thus aloe vera juice is good for heartburn. It heals the intestinal tract and reduces inflammation. But be careful: too much of it may cause diarrhea and other problems. The best thing is to drink half a cup of this juice before each meal. And make sure that it is really aloe juice which is meant for drinking, as the gel from aloe leaves tastes really vile.

Fennel seeds can be useful, too. Just try to chew this herb ‘ fennel ‘ several times a day. First, it is a good mouth fresher. Second, fennel juice helps to control the formation of acid inside your stomach. Fennel seed oil is also good for soothing the digestive tract. And if you can’t stand drinking oil or chewing seeds, try to make tea from this herb. Boil a cup of water, add two teaspoons of fennel seeds to it, leave for about ten minutes and strain. Now your tea is ready!

Or you may try the opposite tack. It is most surprising, but apple cider vinegar is one of the best natural remedies for heartburn too. Yes, when you feel like you are burning inside, it is a crazy idea to drink some acid, but it really works! It can be explained as this: the feeling in your mouth and gullet sends a message to your stomach: There is enough acid, stop producing it! So you heartburn will be reduced almost at once.

Marshmallow root is very good for heartburn, too, and it is often used as a treatment. When you consume it, it coats and protects the mucous membranes of your gullet. So add a teaspoon of powdered marshmallow root into one cup or warm water, mix it and sip several times a day. Slippery elm is also one of the oldest treatments for heartburn, and it works in the same way, thickening the layer of mucus inside your stomach, thus reducing the influence of acid. Also add one teaspoon of slippery elm powder to a cup of warm water and drink it occasionally throughout the day.

Enjoy the Treatment!

Some natural remedies for heartburn can be really pleasant. For example, there are some things which you may just eat and they will work for you, reducing the burning sensation. These are, for example, sauerkraut and other fermented foods (kefir, kimchi and others), as they provide beneficial bacteria to your stomach.

A glass of warm milk with a tablespoon of honey is a useful and tasty treatment, too. And if you want to eat something that is likely to result in a heartburn and can’t resist the temptation, take a glass of chilled milk before meal ‘ it will save you from the unpleasant feeling or at least reduce it. But unfortunately if you suffer heartburn chronically, milk is not the best remedy for you.

Drinking coconut water may be useful, it can provide an immediate relief, as it is a natural acid neutralizer. Papaya, that contains natural enzyme, also reduces heartburn. Also try eating almonds after each meal, but remember that you need to chew them thoroughly, so that almond oil and juice will be extracted.

Cabbage juice is a remarkably good natural remedy for heartburn, as well as for many kinds of digestive problems, due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Just take a fresh cabbage and extract juice with a help of a juicer or a blender. Add some salt and pepper for flavor. You should drink fresh juice in the morning on empty stomach. Actually, juice of various vegetables, such as cucumber, carrot, radish or beet can help to reduce the formation of acid in the stomach, so you may choose any of them by preference.

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