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Heartburn is an unpleasant felling of burning in stomach or/and throat. Those, who usually experience this burn probably, would really like to get rid of it and there is no need to tell them what does heartburn feel like. Unluckily, it’s not that easy to do, as you might think first. The main reason of it is that the majority of people just don’t know the actual source that causes the heartburn. In this article we are going to try to make you as much informed as we can. Only after understanding all the processes that occur and lead to the heartburn, you can effectively fight it!

Heartburn can be caused by different GIT (gastrointestinal tract) disorders or deceases. This is the first and probably one of the most common triggers of heartburn. Also, in some cases, cholelithiasis can cause this terrible burning inside you. It is known that pregnancy can cause such symptoms. Nonetheless, the cases of heartburn for pregnant women are mostly not typical and they occur quiet seldom. According to the statistics, about 40 % of the whole world population suffers from heartburn. Both men and women; old and young are in danger zone. The majority of people don’t even pay enough attention to the symptoms of this disorder, which is quiet silly.

So, let’s finally find out why does heartburn appear? This uncomfortable feeling of burning appears because of the reaction between gastric juice and mucous membrane. Gastric juice burns out throat or stomach and that’s where annoying burning comes from. This interaction can have several sources. The first one is increased acidity. Another possible source can be caused by weakness of the upper stomach muscle ‘ sphincter. If it so, then heartburn feels constantly. If you have tough physical burdens, heavy cough, coprostasis or overeating there is a risk of weakening the sphincter. Moreover, different stomach ulcers can trigger heartburn. Ulcers are extremely dangerous, so if there is a possibility of an ulcer ‘ it is better to consult to a doctor. Here we’ve just mentioned the main sources of heartburn and now it would be in season to describe how to forget what does heartburn feel like.

Of course, in order to get rid of heartburn one needs to destroy the source of it first. In case if burning is not constant there is a good reason to use some special medicines. Among the most efficient medicines we can mention so-called antacids. They help to coat the mucous membrane, therefore protect it from gastric juices. Another way of doing things is to reduce the acidity in the stomach. This method is also very efficient for every type of heartburn. One more way is to reduce production of stomach juice. If a person has a post-surgical heartburn, lemon or acetic acid night help to get rid of the unpleasant feeling. Almost every doctor knows about these types of treating heartburn, that is why it is better to visit a MD when you have ‘burning stomach’.

Before concluding our article we want to give you one more advice. Keep in mind that the majority of deceases come to us when we feel ourselves stressed and depressed. Try to be more patient, calm and positive. Even though it sounds very banal, it works! Many doctors prove that people who are less nervous are naturally healthier and they don’t suffer of heartburn. A couple of new scientific experiments can prove our words as well. Try to forget about your endless problems and it is quite possible that you’ll forget what does heartburn feel like! Don’t quit staying optimistic in every situation and every case.  This is the best way to overcome any health problems!

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